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Why it's important to shallow the club.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

The shallowing of the club in the transition of the golf swing and into the downswing is vital because it gets the clubhead behind the player, which allows the golfer to turn their body through the ball.

It is the turning of the body that then stabilises the clubface through impact, getting rid of the dreaded flip.

When a player uses the wrong wrist and hand motion through bad concepts things, go wrong.

Bad concepts:

  1. To hinge the wrists -The more players do this, the clubface get's open and too far in-front of them. Then they have to stall the pivot to square clubface by flipping their hands before impact.

So they actually lose speed and distance because they can not rotate the body.

2. Pull on the club - The more a player thinks pulling on the club is lag the more they continue to steepen the club leading to fat and thin shots because they are unable to use the pivot through the ball.

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