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Turn and extend with left side bend

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In this photo of me as a junior, I have turned my centre, extended my spine and, side bent left, causing my spine angle at the top to be very close to zero degrees. ( Front angle)

With the extension in the spine (back angle) I have stood up without actually standing up because the left side bend has replaced the forward bend.

Can you guess what happened? I was instructed that I had a reverse pivot.

This misdiagnosis may have happened to you, and it has probably ruined your golf swing. Even some well known P.G.A professional's are teaching this stuff all day long?

A lot of coach's teach turning whilst staying inflexion with a right bend. It's the opposite of what all the best players do.

The instruction I received was to get more behind the ball with my upper body, it made me create to much right bend early on the way down and I ended up wrecking my neck, don't do it.

The best players in the world, past and present all turn their centre extend their spine and add a left bend to compensate for the lifting upwards.

Why? Because that is how the body is designed to create power.

This is a good video to watch at the 9.00-minute mark Bryson explains and demonstrates side bending.

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