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The directions we move the club

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

The way to understand wrist conditions in the golf swing is that they play a part in the directions you move the golf club.

By wrist conditions I mean flexion and extension, radial deviation and ulna deviation and then also the pronation and supination.

The directions we move the club in the golf swing are backwards , upwards, inwards and then downwards outwards forwards.

For each of these directions I would like you to think about what wrist action is being used to move the club in that direction, this will help you think the right way about the golf swing.

The forces used are linear force and angular force, with angular force being the one you need to tap into to produce the most power.

Again I would like you to think about which direction would produce this force?

If you said outwards you are correct.

Now this being said these directions mean little without a motor so the internal rotation of the pivot is also critical for producing angular force.

Also remember the body tilts in the opposite direction it is turning.

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