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The difference between - Long Bryson now and Bryson before

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

One of the most intriguing players on the P.G.A tour has got to be Bryson Dechambeau and I'm talking about before he bulked up and became crazy long.

Now he is just down right rock star interesting with the way he is transforming length off the tee.

So what are the main difference's between long Bryson and standard Bryson as far as his driver swing is concerned.

1. He is extending more in his back swing, with the major change allowing this to happen coming from his set-up.

He has less lean away from the target with his top half, or in simple terms he is more stacked.

Why ? Simply because you can't extend up with right bend.

2. He has added about 7 degree's of extra shoulder turn and 10 degrees more hip turn. The extra's in both these numbers means he has more internal rotation to power his swing.

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