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The 3 golf swing imperatives

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

A straight plane line - A plane is made up of two lines, pointing in different directions, joining at some point. The plane is the flat, two-dimensional space between those two lines.

In simple terms, whatever part of the club is closest to the target line points to it.

Lag - We all know what lag is, and so more importantly, the reason we need lag is to keep the shaft bent at impact. If the club shaft is not bent at impact, it will flex because of impact, which you can imagine will slow the clubhead down.

A flat left wrist - An aeroplane is designed to fly a boat is designed to float. The principle of the golf club is to create shaft lean at impact.

This delofts the clubface and turns for example, a seven iron into a six iron. To do this the left wrist and left forearm align at impact.

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