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Shallowing In Transition

If you are having trouble with getting steep in your transition I would like to give you a new insight into shallowing your downswing.

First I would like for you to just step through these three exercises:

  1. Throw a ball or pretend to throw a ball

  2. Make a tennis forehand move

  3. Make a baseball swing

Well done, now in all three of these dynamic movements did you notice how as your arm, tennis racket and baseball bat were still swinging back that you were stepping forwards.

The same thing needs to happen in your golf swing, as you are still moving your arms and the golf club back your body needs to be re-centering.

It's this re-centering motion during the backswing that makes the golf swing look so smooth and effortless.

Re-centering makes your golf swing more athletic and instinctive.

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