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Golf Swing Tip -Fix Pre Extending

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

If you find yourself pre- extending and unable to move your hips through the ball with the club trapped behind you and flipping through impact, this post is for you.

The tricky thing with fixing your golf swing is knowing what is causing the fault. You will see a lot of instruction on improving this fault by concentrating on what you are doing with your hips, which could be the problem for you.

However, if you have tried those fixes and still can't stop pre-extending, I suggest you look at the radius of your swing and whether it is causing you to down cock or get narrow on the way down, pulling you up early, stopping the rotation.

Many things can cause radius problems, such as staying in flexion in the backswing, wrong sequencing, correct shoulder turn ect.

An excellent drill to help fix this issue is to hover the club above the ball and pick the club up in your back swing folding everything up, then on the way down, work on straightening your right as quick as possible.

This straightening of the arm will provide you with the width you need to get your hips clearing instead of pre-extending and spinning.

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