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3 Essential Swing Tips

If you find yourself searching for swing tips constantly and yet you never really get any better it's mostly because you have not built a solid enough foundation.

Learning and building The 3 swing tips listed below will give you the essential's you need to build off:

1. Steady or Stationary Head

Why should one have a stationary head during the golf swing? Well, it's not so much the head that's important; it's what the head is attached to; the spine—specifically, the part of your spine just between the shoulders, the C7.

If you were to move your head (and C7) by an inch away from its address position during the backswing, you would have moved the left shoulder, left hand, and clubhead by an inch also. An inch makes a lot of difference during impact, and it could mean the difference between hitting the ball fat (the ground before the ball) and thin (striking with the bottom edge of the club), affecting the ball's shot shape. One important note, it is acceptable and even encouraged to allow the head to swivel. The notion that the head stays stationary refers only to the head moving side to side or up and down, created from faulty body motions. Jack Nicklaus and Sam Snead are both great examples, although they did it a bit differently.

2. Balance

Balance is “holding the center of gravity of the body inside the stance without moving the head”.; you don’t want to shift your weight around during the swing so excessively that it makes you uneasy on your feet and makes good contact with the ball almost impossible.

“In every athletic activity, success seems to be unquestionably proportional to the player’s sense of balance and force - whether innate or acquired. Off-balance force is notoriously erratic.”

3.Rhythm - In every athletic activity, success seems to be unquestionably proportional to the player's sense of balance.

In the golf swing, rhythm comes from "holding all components of a rotating motion to the same RPM". On the downswing, especially, the shoulders, hands, and club should all be turning with about the same RPM (revolutions per minute).

That's not to be confused with speed, however. When the rhythm is off, it means the clubhead tries to overtake the hands, and the hands try to overtake the turning of the shoulders. This leads to a loss of power and control. Imperative.

So, there we have The Three Essentials of a precision golf swing. Strictly speaking, they're not 100% necessary but without them you're going to struggle to improve.

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