• Free Golf Swing Tips

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Free Golf Swing Tips

Fixing Your Slice

  • Over exaggerate a hook
  • Do not try just closing the club at address
  • Flatten swing plane
  • Grip club in fingers
  • Line up ball on heel of club to promote an inside to out swing

Stop Hooking the Ball

  • Keep arms straight
  • Play through the ball and beyond
  • Check grip, V's in each hand should point over right shoulder

Correct Stance

  • Aim clubface first
  • Keep head up
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Don't straighten right knee throughout the swing

Sand Bunker Shots

  • Play ball one inch forward of centre
  • Clubface open
  • Smooth three-quarter swing
  • Take a shallow cut of sand

Golf Driving Tips

  • Start with 60% of your weight on your back foot
  • Soft grip
  • Don't swing too hard

Three Putt Greens

  • Concentrate on distance more than direction
  • Aim for a metre diameter around the hole
  • Keep your head down and focus on good contact and right amount of force to reach the distance